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YetiCare Rehab 1
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YetiCare supports holistic rehabilitation at DiakonTerveys

DiakonTerveys expands rehabilitation options with YetiCare

YetiCare Rehab 1

The employees of DiakonTerveys have been open to exploring various technological solutions as support for rehabilitation and offering their clients different options. Päivi Pöykiö, the Head of Rehabilitation Services at DiakonTerveys, explains how they utilize YetiCare health technology in their operations.

YetiCare supports occupational therapists and physiotherapists

DiakonTerveys provides comprehensive support for clients in rehabilitation following conditions such as cerebrovascular disorders, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, brain injuries, autism spectrum disorders like autism, ADHD, and Tourette’s, but also post-accident and post-surgery rehabilitation.

YetiCare has been used in motor skills training, rehabilitation of neurological conditions, and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Motor skills training includes tasks such as crossing and controlling the body’s midline, fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination, exercises for the lower and upper extremities, as well as balance training. In terms of cognitive skills, the focus has been on areas such as perception, concentration, attention, executive function, and linguistic skills. YetiCare has also been used for practising emotional skills with child clients.

Therapists state that YetiCare supports a more holistic approach to rehabilitation as it heavily emphasizes core control in exercises, and finding the right position is easy due to height and tilt adjustments. With YetiCare, there are meaningful exercises for everyone, and the difficulty level can be easily adjusted. The most important feature, according to both occupational and physiotherapists, is YetiCare’s ability to enhance not only the client’s motivation but also the therapists’ motivation and improve interaction.

Physiotherapists have used activities such as YetiBowling, where the client plays the game while standing on a balance board, engaging in ankle stabilization and mobilization movements, and maintaining static muscle work and core control. Feedback suggests that YetiCare is effective for practising weight shifting from one leg to another or keeping the alignment of the lower limbs and balance. Additionally, the user can quickly add an extra challenge to their exercise with different balance boards or Bosu balls.

In pediatric occupational therapy, YetiCare applications are popular for engaging in tasks that require attention and concentration. Clear and simplified applications work well for practising diverse motor skills and body control. Sometimes, the applications can also serve as rewards.

“Collaborating with YetiCare has helped DiakonTerveys to offer more diverse rehabilitation services and provide a wider range of tools for implementing rehabilitation. YetiCare health technology supports employees and has proven to be useful and motivating in carrying out rehabilitation.”

Päivi Pöykiö

YetiCare Rehab

Benefits of the health technology

Pöykiö describes the collaboration: “Collaborating with YetiCare has helped DiakonTerveys to offer more diverse rehabilitation services and provide a wider range of tools for implementing rehabilitation. YetiCare health technology supports employees and has proven to be useful and motivating in carrying out rehabilitation.”

YetiCare offers variation to traditional rehabilitation, encourages the use of technology, and promotes the utilization of other technological solutions. Clients receive a broader range of different approaches to rehabilitation which facilitates and motivates the employees. YetiCare acts as a “colleague” for the therapists, allowing them to focus better on engaging with the client. It provides versatility, enabling the selection of different methods for implementing rehabilitation based on the client’s needs and preferences.

YetiCare supports rehabilitation sessions in various ways. Firstly, it enhances the interaction between the client and the therapist. Through YetiCare, realistic situations and scenarios can be created, helping the client practice various skills. It creates an effective and immersive learning environment. YetiCare also functions as a reward, motivating the client to participate actively in rehabilitation sessions. YetiApps offer different difficulty levels that can be adjusted according to the client’s needs, allowing for a balanced provision of challenges and assisting the client in progressing towards their goals. YetiCare also enables tracking the client’s progress. In addition to feedback provided by the therapist, the app feedback is valuable. It complements the sense of achievement, which is highly valuable in rehabilitation. With YetiCare, it is easy to visualize successes, providing support and motivation for the therapist and the client.

The significance of technology in rehabilitation

The significance of technology in rehabilitation is substantial. Technological solutions play a significant role in increasing accessibility and diversifying the offerings of rehabilitation and therapy. Technology can also serve as a motivating tool in rehabilitation. For instance, gamification and app feedback can encourage clients to participate actively in rehabilitation exercises and strive for better results.

When implementing new technology in rehabilitation, it is crucial to focus on the correct aspects. Employees should receive sufficient training in using the devices and software. Additionally, it is vital to assess that technology does not create an excessive workload for the staff. The purpose of technology is to support and facilitate work, providing added value to clients and employees.

Successful collaboration

YetiCare is an excellent fit for rehabilitation services because it is versatile, rewarding, user-friendly, and an inspiring tool in rehabilitation settings. It benefits therapists and clients, enabling diverse and effective rehabilitation for various rehabilitation needs.

“The collaboration with YetiCare has been smooth and effortless, making it easy to develop new ideas,” concludes Päivi Pöykiö from the Rehabilitation Center.

About DiakonTerveys

DiakonTerveys is a business unit specializing in health and wellness services within the Diakon Group, operating in the Satakunta region. DiakonTerveys offers a wide range of services, including physiotherapy and occupational therapy services for all ages. Their clientele includes children and seniors. YetiCare has been collaborating with DiakonTerveys since 2020.